Hero MotoCorp unveils 15 New offerings including the all new Splendor I-Smart, Karizma R, ZMR, Xtreme and Pleasure. Hero spent a huge amount of money on its R&D department and as a result hero comes up with new patented technology.

100cc Splendor iSmart with i3s Technology

2013 Hero Splendor iSmart

Hero upgraded its 100cc Splendor with new i3S technology (Idle Stop and Start System). i3S is a green technology that automatically shuts the engine when idling and turns it on when needed. Thus it gives you more mileage specially in the city.

100cc Pleasure with Integrated Braking System

2013 Hero Pleasure

The hero also upgraded its scooter Pleasure with Integrated Braking System (IBS). Hero All-new Pleasure comes with IBS which improves the rider safety and provides comfort. With IBS, you’ve to use only one brake handle for both front and rear wheels.

The all new Pleasure is loaded with new features including mobile charger socket, lockable glove box, boot light in luggage box, combination ignition lock with seat opening and side stand indicator among others. The company also improved the look of Pleasure with fresh contemporary styling to target women riders.

All new 223cc Karizma & ZMR

2013 Hero Karizma R
Hero Karizma R

Hero MotoCorp launched the upgraded model of Karizma and Karizma ZMR. All the changes are cosmetic, the company didn’t touch the engine part.

2013 Hero Karizma ZMR
Hero Karizma ZMR

The bikes are loaded twin headlight, new sporty handles bar, new race-inspired belly pan, muscular front fender, new muffler cover, bulb winker, sporty seating, new side and front faring and wider tyres.

150 cc Xtreme with Electronic Immobiliser

2013 Hero Extreme

The 1500 cc bike Hero Xtreme got Electronic Immobiliser. The electronic Immobiliser is a security device that prevents the engine from running without the correct key. Another safety feature is the Side Stand Switch with automatic ignition cutoff.

Cosmetic changes include jazzy new speedometer, headlight with stylish eyebrow lights, new LED tail light with light guides and chunky fuel tank. The new Xtreme also comes with a mobile charger socket.


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