Eicher Live – Advance Intelligence System for Trucks & Buses

Eicher Live

Eicher Truck & Buses, part of VE Commercial Vehicles has launched the Eicher Live at Auto Expo 2016. Eicher Live is an advanced Telematics solutions for the commercial vehicles.

Eicher Live is trucking intelligence that keeps track of customer fleet and provides the analytics which includes monitoring vehicle movement, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs. With this intelligent system, Eicher helps customers to maximize productivity and profitability. They can also keep track of how their driver is tuning up with trucks on the road.

How Eicher Live Works:

Eicher Live is installed in Eicher Pro Series range of trucks and buses. The trucks & buses come up with USB type device with in-built memory & SIM card. The device is equipped with the vehicles and keep recording the data from the vehicles and send it to Eicher servers using mobile networks. In the case of No network service in the particular area, the data can be stored on the device and when network service popup it’ll start transmitting data. The device is capable of recording data offline for up to 20 days.

Features of Eicher Live

  1. Eicher Live sync directly with the engine management system and monitor fuel usage on the go. The user can also monitor ‘sweet spot miles’ – the distance for which the truck was driven in the fuel economy mode.
  2. Monitor Fuel usage by driver & trucks. It helps the owner to identify either driver or truck need improvement.
  3. The system can identify faults before they occur and also it give you maintenance reminders.
  4. Fault detection system also captures fault code & vehicle location and assign nearest Eicher workshop for the quick repairing.
  5. Track vehicle exact location, kilometer reading, sweet spot, fuel economy and fuel levels.

Eicher is running a promotional offer where the customer will get the Eicher Live system for for given period of time. Right now the system is available as a web portal where a customer can see all the analytics, Eicher also planning to launch the mobile app in near future.


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