Trouve Hyper-Maxi H2 Electric Scooter – Range Up To 230 KM

Trouve Motor, a company from Bangalore is all set to launch its first Hyper-Maxi Scooter H2 in India. The scooter is designed in an R&D facility in Bangalore.

Trouve Hyper-Maxi H2 Electric Scooter

Trouve H2 scooter is equipped with a liquid-cooled motor, single-speed transmission, mon-shock rear suspension & upside-down fork suspension on the front and an LED headlight.

The H2 Electric Scooter can cover a range of 130-230 KM and can reach 0 to 60 kmph in 4.3 seconds with the help of 4.8 kW continuous power and 7.9 kW peak power.

Trouve Motor H2 Electric Scooter Features

  1. Liquid Cooled Motor
  2. Mated with belt drive
  3. LED Headlight front & back
  4. 4G Connectivity
  5. Google inbuilt
  6. 14-inch wheels
  7. 130-230 KM range
  8. Double Pot Callipers
  9. Peak power 7.9 kW
  10. Continuous power 4.8 kW
  11. Single Speed Transmission

Price & Availability

The pre-booking of H2 will start in August 2022. The scooters are expected to hit the road in the first half of 2023.