Tata Motors launches REVOTRON Petrol Engines

Tata Motors REVOTRON Petrol Engine

Tata Motors launches the REVOTRON series, the next generation Petrol engine family that will power its future passenger vehicles. The Turbocharged Intercooled Multi-point Fuel Injected (MPFi) Petrol Engine, REVOTRON 1.2T is the first petrol engine from REVOTRON series.

Tata Motors worked closely with global engine consultant AVL (Austria) and key technology partners like Bosch, Honeywell, Mahle and INA to bring in the latest technology for the new engine series. REVOTRON 1.2T has been tested in all climate conditions in India, UK and Korea. The REVOTRON series will include 3-and 4-cylinder petrol engines to offer light in weight and low on friction, high performance and fuel economy.

The REVOTRON engine is equipped with a High Boost Turbocharger which delivers 85PS @ 5000 RPM & 140 Nm @ 1750-3500 RPM. The modern water-cooled turbocharger, with its low inertia wheel, provides a faster response for a flat, seamless segment-highest torque density. The multi-drive mode coupled with a throttle response, advanced catalytic converter with reduced Toxic Emissions and Smart ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with various innovative strategies, ensure a superlative performance on Indian roads.

Features of REVOTRON Petrol Engine:

  • Light weight and powerful
  • Multi-drive mode for better throttle response
  • Advanced catalytic converter, reducing toxic emissions
  • Drive by wire technology for enhancing drive experience
  • 8 hole fuel injection for efficient combustion
  • Multi-drive mode for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Low weight with high strength for long lasting engine with low maintenance
  • Smart Electronic Control Unit for precise control

REVOTRON Petrol Engine Specifications:

Capacity 1193 cc, 4 Cylinder, MPFi
Bore X Stroke 75 mm x 69.5 mm
Compression Ration 9:3
Valve Train 8V SOHC
Maximum Power 85 PS @ 5000 RPM
Maximum Torque 140 Nm @ 1750-3500 RPM

Soon We’ll see the engine powering up all future Passenger vehicles from Tata Motors. The engine is fit for India, UK and Korea roads.


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