HOP OXO & OXO X Electric Motorcycle launch, Range 150 KM

HOP Electric Mobility launches the new electric motorcycle HOP OXO in two variants OXO and OXO X.


HOP OXO pack with 72 V architecture with 6200 Watt Peak power motor which delivers 200 Nm of torque and comes with 3 ride modes (Eco, Power & Sport) and additional Turbo Mode for OXO X.

HOP OXO X has a top speed of 90 kmph in Turbo mode and can reach 0-40 KM in just 4 seconds.

The Electric Bike comes with an Advanced Lithium-ion battery with smart BMS and 811 NMC cells. The bike packs a 3.75 kWh battery pack which delivers a range of around 150 Km on a single charge. charge.  OXO can be charged at any 16 Amp power socket with its portable smart charger. 0 to 80% charging takes less than 4 hours.

Other features include a 5″ Advanced Information Display with an IP67 rating, re-generative braking, 4G, Speed Control, geo-fencing, Anti-theft, ride stats etc.

HOP OXO & OXO X Features

  1. Top Speed (Sport Mode): 90-95 kmph
  2. Top Speed (Eco Mode): 45 kmph
  3. True Range (Eco Mode): 150 KM
  4. True Range (Sports Mode): 70 KM
  5. True Range (Power Mode): 100 KM
  6. 3.75 Kwh Lithium-ion Battery (Fixed)
  7. BLDC Electric Motor
  8. 5 Hour Charging Time (0-100%)
  9. Disc Brakes
  10. 5″ LCD Display
  11. 18″ Alloy Wheel
  12. 4 Year Battery Warranty


HOP OXO Price starts at Rs. 1.25 Lakh.