Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Gets a New Black & White Shade

Pulsar 200NS in Crisp Black and White color

The Powerful beast from most popular sports bike series in India, Pulser 200NS gets a new dual-color shade. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS gets a new Black & White Dual-color shade which makes the look of the bike even sportier. The technical specification remains same, the bike features a 200cc SOHC liquid cooled engine, 199.5cc, four value, carbureted engine with Triple spark which produces a max power of 23.52 PS at 950 rpm and max torque of 18.3 nm at 800 rpm.

The full bike is painted with Black color and you’ll find a mix of White, black and Red shades on back, front of the petrol tank, mask and on wheel top. If you like Pulsar 200NS in Crisp Black and White color then heads to your nearest showroom.

Bajaj may discontinue the Pulsar 200NS in yellow color and replace it with Black and White shade. Currently The Pulsar 200NS is available in four colors: Black, Red, Blue and Yellow. If you’re buying new Pulsar 200NS in that case you should wait for new Black and White Dual Color.


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